The Retreat in a Nutshell


We will reflect on our artifacts, understand them, and put them in personal context to benefit as individuals and as a group from the creative flow.
We will CREATE – daily – employing various techniques based on themes inspired by the moment. We will work with paper, brushes, crayons, and pencils – even our hands – and make use of everything available in our surroundings. The creative flow will follow a natural pace so that it can be enjoyed by everyone. By accomplishing various challenges, we will reconnect to our inner resources and get more clarity around our behavior.
Creative sessions are based on easy & simple activities inspired by art therapy, yet they are powerful in what they can offer.

Sharing and expressing your thoughts and emotions with the group is optional, but COMMUNICATION in any form is essential so that each member of the group can feel safe and respected. We will form a group capable of supporting and celebrating the creativity of each individual.
We will respect the needs of each participant. At any time during a session, participants may choose between active participation or observation. This applies to any part of the program organized during the retreat, be it a walk around the property or wine tasting at a local vineyard.

Through various creative techniques, we will CONNECT with our emotions and feelings. By expressing them, they become clearer to us. And through (optional) group sharing, we will have the opportunity to elicit other opinions and enriching input that will help crystallize our ideas. We will perceive ourselves more deeply not only as individuals but also as vital members of society.

Previous drawing or painting experience is not required. All you need is a willingness to experiment, overcome barriers, and enjoy the process. Any outcome is appreciated and has a unique value. You will keep all your creations as a reminder and inspiration for your next steps.
The sessions are not intended as group therapy sessions.

This retreat is LGBT friendly.

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