Terms & Conditions

My sessions are not covered by health insurance, which means that there is no record or any information whatsoever about my clients, e.g. purpose of their session, the session’s details etc., in the national health register documents. My services are not covered by health insurance. Therefore you do not need your doctor’s recommendation to use my services.

Any information about you is strictly confidential and is never passed to a third person. If desired, you can stay fully anonymous during the course of the session.

The number of sessions is subject to mutual agreement; sometimes there can be only one session, or we may establish a long-term plan with 1 session per week, usually.

The appointment is binding. If the appointment is not cancelled more than 24 hours before the session, the full fee will be added to the fee for the following session, as it is not possible to offer the appointment of such a short notice to other clients anymore. Thank you for your understanding.

I will always do my best to find the time for your session that would suit you the most, and therefore I also hold sessions in later time of day – after 7 pm.

Currently I do not offer counseling in English language.

Counseling in Czech

60 minutes / 900 CZK

60 minutes / 1.200 Kč (20:00 – 22:00 week-day, holidays and weekends)

Counseling in English

60 minutes / 900 CZK

60 minutes / 1.200 Kč (20:00 – 22:00 week-day, holidays and weekends)


Mgr. Boris Štepanovič

Ženské domovy, 4. patro
Ostrovského 253/3
150 00 Praha-Smíchov

P: (+420) 605 722 592
E: boris@borisstepanovic.cz

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