I can help you find a solution to relationship problems, i. e. problems with your partner, family, at work, and also problems related to yourself, which is one of the most crucial areas of our lives.

Also I can help you find and accept decisions concerning your relationship with your life partner or family, your own existential crisis, divorce or relationship break-up.

I am offering safe environment for dealing with situations of insecurity, unease, anxiety, sadness, distrust in yourself, low self-worth, anger, disappointment, stress and burn-out, feelings of failure or lack of success, and other personality issues.

My intention is to offer you a different point of view while you are searching inside yourself, for your own resources and ways to continue to grow.


Mgr. Boris Štepanovič

Palác YMCA
Na Poříčí 12
110 00 Praha 1

P: (+420) 605 722 592

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