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Mgr. Boris Štěpanovič

Mgr. Boris Štěpanovič

Not just a psychologist…

I was born in Bratislava in 1968 and have lived in the Czech Republic since 1994.

After completing my graduate studies in psychology, I decided that I needed more real-world experience. From my point of view, it was a logical step towards a better understanding of my future clients and myself. I started working in Marketing, where I learned the meaning of the words: creativity, discipline, and efficiency.

In my free time, I continued to self-educate. I determined to focus all my attention on psychology and psychological counselling.
The work of a psychologist in an alternative medical facility has been instructive for me in both positive and negative terms. I realized that nothing might really be as it may seem at first sight.
As a result, I do not perceive commercial, alternative and traditional psychotherapeutic approaches as contradictory and at the same time do not make any illusions about them.

I felt intensely what it means to “stand with your feet on the ground and have your head in the clouds,” and how difficult it is to do so. After this revelation, I returned to the commercial sphere with more humility.
After leaving my last job, I decided to pursue my original profession and open a private psychological practice. This was an exciting opportunity to test my knowledge and skills directly with clients. The practice was a success, but for financial reasons I had to put the business on hold for a while and only after few months I was able to – after finding suitable solution – continue to work as a full-time psychologist and psychotherapist.

I avoid offering ready-made solutions to achieve a quick result. Instead, I focus on quality experiences that take into consideration the clients’ unique personality, creative abilities, and individual strengths.
My approach can be called “professional psychotherapy through trust and patience.”

Recently, my belief in the meaningful expression of the internal state through artistic expression has been more and more affirmed. I am not, of course, referring to random “scribbling,” but the systematic process of therapeutic work in assigning, creating and responding to artistic expression. This brings together my knowledge of art education, artistic skills, and my own art therapy techniques along with my understanding of art therapy.


Mgr. Boris Štepanovič

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