Boris and creativity

Boris is the author of the Colorful Retreat concept.

An experienced psychologist with an artist’s soul, Boris has operated a private psychology practice and pursued a career in marketing and brand research. He specializes in working with clients suffering from depression, burnout, or struggling with a personal crisis. Art has been Boris’ passion since childhood, and you will often find him working on his latest art project or experimenting with different mediums and techniques.

Although Boris considers himself a spiritual person, his approach is based on practical knowledge and real-world experience. For him, keeping your head in the clouds is not possible without keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground.

Boris’ definition of creativity does not end with drawing, sculpting, or painting; he tends to see the creative process in everyday life and thus does not take it as something elitist. For Boris, creativity is a virtue which anyone can discover and cultivate within themselves.

Boris was trained to take a “client-centered approach,” which is known for its non-directive leading, thus ensuring a relaxed atmosphere, far removed from the daily routine. He believes strongly in respecting each individual.


Mgr. Boris Štepanovič

Palác YMCA
Na Poříčí 12
110 00 Praha 1

P: (+420) 605 722 592

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