Colorful retreat is a 6 days programme in a beautiful relaxing environment using creativity as a way to better understand oneself and others. The motto of the retreat: „DO NOT STRIVE FOR PERFECTION, MISTAKES MAKE EACH LIFE BEAUTIFUL AND UNIQUE.“

During the 6 days retreat we will be creating with various techniques, typically in the morning and afternoon with one late night special creative session. We will be as much as possible creating outdoors, if weather permits. Our work will be based on themes important at the moment and will focus on relationships, self esteem, self acceptance, inner strenght. The process is inspired by artheterapy. Previous drawing or painting experience are not necessary.

The retreat is recommended to everyone who need to calm down and release or searches for the new impulses and direction in life.

My definition of creativity does not stop with drawing, sculpting or painting, but I see the creative process in everyday life and thus not take it as something elitist. For me, creativity is a virtue owned by everyone, which needs to be uncovered and taken care of. 

Colorful retreat is a place, where your creativity can be discovered and nourished.

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